Thursday, April 22, 2010

Packaging for Stores & New Mini Daisy Cards

Well, I guess since I am watching others' blogs and they are actually writing things in them I figured I should "join in" on the fun. It is just past midnight and here I am up working...again...:) I do have to say that I am very pleased at what I have accomplished for my business today, though. I have created what I think will be my packaging for the 2 stores that will be selling my products soon. Initially I was going to package them the way I do for my Etsy store, however, after much thought, that didn't seem like the best idea, plus it would have been a lot more work for me. So I decided on using resealable plastic bags and adding a top with a hole so I can display them on a rotating stand (which I purchased today)! I can't wait! I also just finished these CUTE yellow mini cards with matching envelopes. The cards feature layered daisies with glitter. They just make me feel like spring!!